Victoria Road’s Milk Cafe bakes Donald Trump cupcakes for anti-racism charity

Milk Café on Victoria Road is selling Donald Trump-themed cakes, with the proceeds going to anti-racism charity Hope Not Hate.

The cupcakes, which feature the US President-elect’s face in icing, were baked in defiance of Trump’s proposed policies on immigration.

Milk opened as a social enterprise café in June 2015, with the aim of integrating women from ethnic minorities into the local community.

Director Angela Ireland feels the cakes represent the café’s stance against rhetoric used by Donald Trump during his election campaign.

She said: “The cakes are a protest. Our café helps to welcome displaced female refugees into the neighbourhood.

“Donald Trump’s proposals on immigration and his treatment of women is worrying. Not just to people in the US, but all over the world.

“We believe everybody should be treated as equal, and we wanted to take a stand against Trump who clearly opposes this value.

“The cakes have been very successful, but many of our customers have made a donation without even taking a cake. They just want to be supportive of our campaign.”

After a photo of the cakes went viral on social media – the image was shared on Twitter and facebook by users around the world – the first batch sold out within 24 hours.

However, a spokesperson for campaign group Scots for Donald Trump attacked the café’s move.

They said: “Hope Not Hate are cultural Marxist cucks for failed global capitalism.

“Any café giving them money will probably be out of business in six months.”

The spokesperson refused to be named.

Hope Not Hate was set up in 2004 with the goal of challenging perceived fascist and racist political movements in the UK and further afield.

Hope Not Hate describe themselves as serving the anti-fascist movement
Hope Not Hate describe themselves as serving the anti-fascist movement. Credit: Hope Not Hate

Communications director for the charity, Nick Ryan, is grateful for the support from Milk Café.

He said: “Any support challenging hatred with a bit of humour (or cake!) is a wonderful idea!

“Some of Donald Trump’s statements, on building walls, creating a Muslim registry and attitudes towards women and minorities, are very concerning indeed.

“Obviously this is a time of rapid changes and many people are fearful of what might be ahead. Rest assured, organisations and campaigns like ours will fight for progressive values.”

Angela Ireland is unsure whether Milk will continue to bake the cakes, however she has pledged to continue generating publicity and donations for Hope Not Hate and its campaigns.