Shawlands twins’ band Kinbrae release album to international acclaim

Shawlands-based musical duo Kinbrae have released their debut album to a global audience.

Twins Andy and Mike Truscott recorded the ambient, neo-classical Tidal Patterns with producer Andrew Bush in his Shawlands studio earlier this year.

After signing to Swedish label 1631 recordings, the album was released on 4 November in several countries in northern Europe, Scandinavia and Japan, to critical acclaim.

Andy spent a year on the Inner Hebrides island of Coll and the brothers believe this experience was a big inspiration for the record.

Andy said: “The album depicts a lot of my time on the island and the remoteness of it all.

“Because we don’t use lyrics in the record, it’s hard to make it personal.

“So we’ve incorporated a lot of field recordings from Coll, to give the music a sense of place.”

Mike added: “I would describe our music as ambient and modern classical.

“The starting point of it is the piano and cornet, so it’s quite acoustic based. But we use a lot of synthesisers and electronic sounds and it’s quite a mash-up between the two.”

The brothers were initially nervous about the response to the release, however have been encouraged by early reviews.

Kinbrae were inspired by the idyllic surrounds of Coll
Kinbrae were inspired by the idyllic surrounds of Coll. Credit: Peter Gawthrop (Flickr Creative Commons)

Andy said: “It’s been a bit nerve-wracking. To see the album go from an idea to a full physical release on a good label is pretty exciting.

“But we just hope that it’s well received.”

Mike added: “It’s funny when you hear people say they don’t care about what people think about their music – we’re the total opposite.”

Producer Andrew Bush, who runs Gold Soundz recording studio on Shawhill Road in Shawlands, said: “Working with the Truscott twins was really easy. They’re both great musicians, have very creative minds and a positive approach to writing and recording.

“Recording this album was great fun and I’m hoping to working with them on subsequent releases.”

Kinbrae are planning on touring the highlands and islands in the summer of 2017 with a series of live shows.