Pollokshields Community Council to form breakaway Trust

Members of Pollokshields Community Council are set to form a breakaway Pollokshields Trust to allow for additional local community projects to be developed.

The proposal was unveiled at a meeting of community councillors on October 3.

Bill Fraser – who stepped down from his position of chair of the council during the meeting – is leading the move.

Mr Fraser said, at the October meeting: “The problem with the community council is that it is restricted by its constitution.

“It doesn’t allow for the employment of staff, the ability to own property or the option for its councillors to have limited liability.

“The Pollokshields Trust will hold more power and more authority amongst the city council and charities and will allow us to move projects forward.”

The community council ran the ‘Make Your Mark’ survey in February, which gave local people a chance to suggest improvements for the Pollokshields area.

Residents responded positively, with ideas to develop more green space, have cleaner streets and ensure structural work is carried out on dilapidated buildings.

The intention is that the formation of a trust will allow for these plans to be put into action.

Mr Fraser added: “It’s no longer enough just to be a community councillor.

“Fairly radical action was needed and that action can’t be taken by the community council.

“There is now an expectation of community involvement and that needs to be taken forward.”

David Meikle, Conservative Councillor for Pollokshields, was supportive of the move:

“The idea of a trust isn’t new. It is positive that this is back on the agenda and it’s needed to move matters forward.”

It is yet to be determined when the Pollokshields Trust will be officially inaugurated, however Mr Fraser is hoping to announce further details in the coming weeks.


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